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Date Related to Trivia
April 17th 2016 England Steve Davis
England 2016 World Championship
Steve Davis retired
During the 2016 World Championship announced his retirement from professional snooker. He became a professional snooker player in 1978, won more than 80 titles and 6 World Championships.
December 14th 2014 Sweden Ron Florax
New version of Cuetracker launched
Launch of re-coded and upgraded version of this website.
August 7th 2014 England Mark Selby
First professional tournament in Latvia
The first PTC tournament of the season 2014/2015 was held in Riga. After being host of two international amateur championships, it was the first ever professional tournament to be played in Latvia. It was won by Mark Selby
September 3rd 2011 Sweden Ron Florax
- launched
This website was launched by Ron Florax. Over 2 years the complete history of professional snooker was added.
September 20th 2010 England Ronnie O'Sullivan
Scotland 2010 World Open
The Maximum that nearly wasn't
At a break of 8 (the first Red and first Black) Ronnie O'Sullivan asks the referee, Jan Verhaas, if there was an event prize for a Maximum Break. He was informed there was not, only the £4,000 prize for the highest break of the tournament. At the last Pink (140), Ronnie O'Sullivan went to shake hands with his opponent, Mark King, and was not going to pot the final Black. Jan Verhaas asked him to pot the final Black, which he did.
May 30th 2010 England Steve Davis
England 2010 World Championship
Epic Re-match
25 years after they've played the epic final at the Crucible Theatre in 1985 Dennis Taylor and Steve Davis met again for a one-frame re-match. Both performed a great show (explaining Eirian Williams about the non existing miss-rule) and, funnily, all shots that didn't work 1985 worked fine this time. Davis had lost his last quarter-final in the Crucible just one day before to the new World Champion Neil Robertson.
May 3rd 1999 Scotland Stephen Hendry
England 1999 World Championship
Record Champion
Stephen Hendry won his 7th World Champion title at the Crucible Theatre. In the final he bet MArk Williams by 18 frames to 12.
November 2nd 1997 Ireland Ken Doherty
Malta 1997 Malta Grand Prix
Ken Doherty Wins in Malta
Ken Doherty won the fourth running of the Rothmans Malta Grand Prix at the Jerma Palace Hotel in Marsascala. He beat John Higgins 7-5 in the final of this non-ranking event.
April 21st 1997 England Ronnie O'Sullivan
England 1997 World Championship
Fastest Maximum Break
Ronnie O'Sullivan made the fastest maximum break in the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. During his first round match with Mick Price he made the maximum in 5 minutes and 20 seconds.
November 25th 1996 Malta Tony Drago
England 1996 UK Championship
Fastest Century Break
Tony Drago made the fastest century break in a professional tournament. In his last16 match of the 1996 UK CHampionships vs John Higgins he made a 103 in 3 minutes and 31 seconds. Drago lost the match 8:9.
November 28th 1993 England Ronnie O'Sullivan
England 1993 UK Championship
Youngest Ranking Event Winner
Ronnie O'Sullivan became the youngest winner of a ranking event when he bet Stephen Hendry 10:6 in the final of the UK Championship.
April 29th 1990 Scotland Stephen Hendry
England 1990 World Championship
Youngest World Champion
Stephen Hendry became the youngest World Champion in snooker history when he bet Jimmy White 18:12. It was the first of his 7 titles.
April 28th 1985 Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor
England 1985 World Championship
Epic Final
It was late after midnight when Denis Taylor raised his cue to celebrate his epic victory over snooker legend Steve Davis in the 1985 World CHampionship final. After 890 minutes he finally potted the final black of the deciding 35th frame.
January 11th 1982 England Steve Davis
England 1982 Classic
First televised maximum
The first ever televised maximum was played by Steve Davis in his quarter-final against John Spencer at the Lada Classic tournament. Three years ago John Spencer had performed the first ever maximum break in professional tournaments, but it wasn't officially ratified because of oversized pockets. Davis got a Lada car as special prize.
April 21st 1979 Wales Terry Griffiths
England 1979 World Championship
First Century in Decider
Terry Griffiths was the first player to win a decider with a century. In the Quarterfinal of the 1979 World Championship he scored a 107 to beat AlexHiggins by 13 frames to 12. Eventually the won the title.
January 13th 1979 England John Spencer
England 1979 Holsten Lager International
First maximum in professional tournament
The first ever maximum in a professional tournament was played by John Spencer in his quarter-final against Cliff Thorburn at the Holsten Lager International. It was ever ratified officially because of oversized pockets. Additionally, it wasn't broadcast because the camera man had a tea break.
April 18th 1977 -
Crucible Theatre
On April 18th 1977 Snooker circuit first stopped at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. Since then the most prestigious tournament of the year was staged in Sheffield. King of the Crucible is Stephen Hendry with 7 World Titles. The first edition was won by John Spencer with 25 frames to 21 over Cliff Thorburn.
April 18th 1976 Northern Ireland Alex Higgins
England 1976 World Championship
Deciders during a ranking event
Alex Higgins was the first player to win two deciders in one ranking event. During the 1976 World Championship he beat Cliff Thorburn in the last 16 by 15 frames to 14 and John Spencer in the quarter-final with the same score.
April 14th 1975 Wales Ray Reardon
Australia 1975 World Championship
First decider in ranking final
Ray Reardon became the first player ever to win a ranking final in the decider. In the final of the 1975 World Championship he beat Eddie Charlton by 31 frames to 30.
April 11th 1974 England David Taylor
England 1974 World Championship
First Decider in World Championship
David Taylor was the first player ever to win a decider in the World Championship. During the 1st round of the 1974 World Championship he beat Ron Gross by 8 frames to 7.
April 1st 1972 -
Snooker Scene launched
The first issue of Snooker Scene was published
March 23rd 1970 -
England 1970 Pot Black
Start of 1970 Pot Black Broadcast
On Monday March 23rd 1970 BBC 2 started the second series of Pot Black. All 8 players competing this year as well as Joe Davis and Joyce Gardner were introdueced by Alan Weeks and Ted Lowe.
July 23rd 1969 Wales Ray Reardon
England 1969 Pot Black
Pot Black
Pot Black was first transmitted on July 23rd 1969 on BBC2. The first edition was won by Ray Reardon who bet John Spencer 88-29 in the final. The Pot Black tournament is a symbol for the modern era of snooker.
January 13th 1969 Scotland Stephen Hendry
England 2012 World Championship
Stephen Hendry born
The "King of the Crucible" was born on January 13th 1969 in South Queensferry, Scotland. During his career he won a record 7 World Championships at the Crucible Theatre and is, therefore, the most successful player of the modern era of snooker. He retired 2012 after losing his quarter-final at the Crucible 2:13 to Stephen Maguire.
August 1st 1963 Australia Newton Gahan
Australia 1963 Australian Professional Championship
First ever whitewash
The first ever known professional player to be whitewashed in a official tournament was Newton Gahan who lost 0:3 to Warren Simpson in the 1963 Australian Professional Championship
April 13th 1957 England John Pulman
Jersey 1957 World Championship
First World Championship Final outside England
Only 4 players competed in the 1957 World Championship. While in earlier years some matches of the World championship were palyed in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Jersey, the final was always located in England. In 1957 the whole tournament was played on Jersey. John Pulman won his first World Championship title. The only one in his career in a knock out competions.
January 22nd 1955 England Joe Davis
First maximum break
The first officially ratified maximum break in snooker history was played by Joe Davis in an exhibition match with Willie Smith at Leicester Square Hall.
December 8th 1952 England John Pulman
England 1953 World Championship
First World Championship match in Northern Ireland
John Pulman and Jackie Rea met in a quarter-final match of the 1953 World Championship in Belfast. It was the first World Championship match played in Northern Ireland. Pulman won the 5-days match in the RAOB Hall 36-25.
March 8th 1952 Australia Horace Lindrum
England 1952 World Championship
First World Champion from Australia
Horace Lindrum was the first Australian player to become World Champion. He bet Clark McConachy with 94:49.
March 8th 1952 Australia Horace Lindrum
England 1952 World Championship
Highest frame difference
The highest frame difference in a professional match was 45 in the World Championship final betweeen Horace Lindrum and Clark McConachy.
February 19th 1949 Canada Con Stanbury
England 1949 World Championship
Decider man
Con Stanbury won all three matches of the qualifying competition of the 1949 World Championship. All three matches were best of 35 frames and Stanbury needed three time the 35th frame to win the matches. Eventually, he lost his first round match in the competition proper.
January 14th 1948 England John Pulman
England 1948 World Championship
First black ball decider
During the final qualification round of the 1948 World Championship. John Pulman played Willie Leigh. After three days and 34 frames they, finally, came to the decider, which was won by John Pulman 60-49 potting the final black to win 18 frames to 17. 37 years later another black ball decided the World Championship final.
December 1st 1933 -
5140 entries - large amateur event
Burroughs & Watts Ltd. announced a 'National Amateur Snooker Handicap' tournament open to all amateur either men or women. Total prizes (in goods) of GBP 500 with a GBP 100 first prize were awarded. In total 5140 entries were registered.
January 1st 1932 Australia Horace Lindrum
Fast break
Horace Lindrum (aged 17) made a break of 97 in five and a half minutes during the Australian National Championship, which he eventually won.
March 1st 1930 England Willie Smith
New snooker game
In 1930 Willie Smith introduced a new version of Snooker. An additional ball - the spot white (value 21) should be placed between the pyramid and the black. Additionally, players were allowed to play 2 colours before another red. If player failed to pot the second colour, he was charged with colours' value. Burroughs & Watts announced this as a new game in their journals 'The Burwar Billiard View' as Pari-Snooker.
October 31st 1929 Australia Eddie Charlton
Eddie Charlton Born
Australian snooker & billiards player Eddie Charlton was born on this date.
October 22nd 1915 -
First century break
G. Hargest made the first snooker century, a break of 105.
August 13th 1913 England Fred Davis
Fred Davis born
Fred Davis, younger brother of Joe Davis, 8 times World Champion was born
October 21st 1907 England Charles Dawson
England 1908 The American Tournament
First professional tournament
On October 21st 1907 the first ever professional snooker tournament started at Soho Square Hall in London. As an add-on to a famous billiards tournament sponsored by Burroughes & Watts the competitors played two frames each evening of their one-week matches. Matches were devided on aggregate score and, therefore, each frame ended with the final black. As a re-spotted black was only introduced around 1920 into the snooker rules some frames in this tournaments ended up with a draw. Four editions of this tournaments were played, the first winner was Charles Dawson.
October 21st 1907 England Tom Reece
England 1908 The American Tournament
First Professional Tournament Match
The first professional tournament match was played between October 21th and October 26th 1907. Opponents were Tom Reece and Walter Lovejoy playing from frames each evening. Final score was 7 frames to 5.
April 15th 1901 England Joe Davis
Joe Davis born
Joe Davis, 15 times World Champion, was born in Whitwell Derbyshire, he won his first World championship title in 1927 and was never beaten in any World Championship. He retired 1946 after having won his 15th title.
- England Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson Drives a Taxi
Gary Wilson has a side job as a taxicab driver.
- -
Crashing Commentary
During the (...), commentator Clive Everton fell off his chair in the commentary box.