About me
I'm Dutch originally, and via 3 years in Ireland ended up living permanently in southern Sweden, where I live with my wife and son. Thanks to CueTracker as a web development project I am now responsible for backend systems at a very cool company called Hoodin. In my spare time I like to do some renovating around the house, a bit of gardening, watch a lot of British comedy (mostly stand-up) and even play a good bit of snooker & pool. I try to compete in local tournaments as well as the odd international event, but currently don't have the practice facilities to really be at a decent level. Hopefully in future!

I'm very grateful to anyone who helps with the site, either by spotting mistakes or providing data. Special mention goes to German snooker enthusiast Kai MaaƟ, who aside from general help has been a huge help in putting up amateur tournaments especially. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed over the years!

I try to be very active on social media, most notably Twitter, and always have time to talk to people about the site or snooker in general. A few people have been kind enough to interview me, below are some notable examples, feel free to get in touch if you fancy a chat!

I've been fortunate enough to do some commentary on the game, most notably for Dutch Eurosport, but also on some smaller events. This is something I hugely enjoy, and which I consider quite an art. It's a great way to see the game in a different light, and I'd love to do more of this in future!

Stats Use
I'm very proud to say the stats on this page have been used by many different journalists, commentators and TV producers alike, most notably by IMG for the BBC productions, and many Eurosport commentators. I am always up for doing custom stats if required, so please get in touch if you need anything!

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