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    Birthday(s) today: England Nick Pearce (53), Russia Ruslan Chinakhov (28), Netherlands Rolf de Jong (39), England Mark Wildman (84), England Willie Smith (?), England Barry Mincher (64)
    Latest update: January 25th 2020 02:33 CET
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    Status Tournaments Matches Frames Centuries Prize Money
    Professional 1,144 102,964 782,255 27,388 203,835,023
    Non-Professional 2,138 95,040 429,458 2,789 627,405
    Total 3,282 198,004 1,211,713 30,177 204,462,428
    Players Top 8 - All time Professional Matchwins
    1 Scotland John Higgins 1076 (69.37%) of 1551 matches won
    2 Wales Mark Williams 981 (64.41%) of 1523 matches won
    3 England Ronnie O'Sullivan 969 (75.17%) of 1289 matches won
    4 England Steve Davis 920 (63.32%) of 1453 matches won
    5 Scotland Stephen Hendry 875 (68.9%) of 1270 matches won
    6 England Mark Selby 854 (68.37%) of 1249 matches won
    7 England Jimmy White 804 (53.6%) of 1500 matches won
    8 England Stuart Bingham 777 (63.48%) of 1224 matches won
    Latest Tournaments
    India 2020 Indian Amateur Championship (Added January 12th 2020)
    Malaysia 2019 Malaysian Amateur Championship (Added January 12th 2020)
    England 2020 Masters (Added January 12th 2020)
    India 1964 Indian Amateur Championship (Added January 8th 2020)
    Pakistan 1964 Pakistan Amateur Championship (Added January 8th 2020)
    South Africa 1964 South African Amateur Championship (Added January 8th 2020)
    South Africa 2012 African 6-red Championship (Added January 7th 2020)
    South Africa 2012 South African Amateur Championship (Added January 7th 2020)

    My goal with this site is to provide a complete database of all professional, and otherwise globally significant snooker competition. This database contains records of every professional tournament since 1908 and lists 15,889 players.

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