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  • These predictions are machine-calculated based on a complex algorithm (called Magic8Ball!), which I'm constantly improving to be as accurate as possible. However, snooker is a sport of two players where unexpected/unpredictable things happen. Therefore, these predictions are only for fun and analysis.

    This algorithm, like everything else on CueTracker, was specifically custom-coded from scratch. The algorithm takes into account over 50 variables, and nightly evaluates past matches in order to make itself smarter and more accurate, so you might see slight changes day-to-day. Thanks to for providing an easy way to get future match listings.

    PLEASE NOTE: CueTracker and/or its owner CANNOT be held responsible/liable for ANY losses, monetary or otherwise, arising from use of these predictions, for example in betting.

    Current success rate: 65.9% out of 9360 predictions
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    England 2020 Challenge Tour - Play-Off

    Playing 2020-07-20 14:00
    England Oliver Brown
    48.63% 51.37%
    England Allan Taylor
    Outcome: Taylor 4-3
    Playing 2020-07-20 14:00
    England Adam Duffy
    55.91% 44.09%
    England Patrick Whelan
    Outcome: Duffy 4-0
    Playing 2020-07-20 14:00
    England Jake Nicholson
    42.59% 57.41%
    Wales Tyler Rees
    Outcome: Nicholson 4-2
    Playing 2020-07-20 14:00
    Scotland Dean Young
    49.17% 50.83%
    Jamaica Rory McLeod
    Outcome: McLeod 4-1